CSO Sirius+

CSO Sirius+ combines two methods of capturing corneal images, which are the two most accurate and widespread methods globally, unlike other devices that take images in one way.

CSO Sirius+ provides accurate and important information about the topography of the inner and outer cornea and detects the degree of thickness of the cornea.

CSO Sirius+ provides a precise tomographic image of the cornea, and this allows determining the depth of light superficial corneal fibrosis for laser removal.

CSO Sirius+ can be used to make an accurate comparison between new tests and previous ones.

CSO Sirius+ also detects any corneal indentations that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

CSO Sirius+ detects keratoconus early, before clinical symptoms appear on the patient.

CSO Sirius+ is used in the examinations that take place before the implantation of lenses.

CSO Sirius+ provides a special examination for glaucoma ("glaucoma disease").

Available at Barrada Eye Center branch in Luxor.

CSO Sirius+ device is available at Barrada Eye Center branch in Luxor.