IOL Master 700

In cataract surgery, the opaque natural lens is removed and a new lens is implanted. This lens has different specifications similar to glasses or contact lenses. IOL Master 700 is used to determine the appropriate lens. The device measures the length of the eye and the curvature of the cornea without touching any part of the eye.

IOL Master 700 is considered the latest and most accurate in the world in determining the strength of lenses implanted inside the eye before cataract surgery.

IOL Master 700 focuses on the eye, regardless of the distance between the patient and the device.

IOL Master 700 gives a very accurate measurement of the surface of the cornea.

IOL Master 700 is easy to use and convenient for the doctor and patient.

Available at Barrada Eye Center branch in Cairo.

IOL Master 700 is available at Barrada Eye Center branch in Cairo.